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Great Stylist Cocktail

2 parts skill and experience

1 part artistry

1 part intuition and care

Shaken with a splash of humor

and a delightful zest

* can be served spicy *

    My mom coined me a "make-a-holic" when I was a kid, since I've always been one for hands on artistry.  I became a hairstylist by accident and I couldn’t be happier about it. As a career, it’s a unique balance of artistry and technicality, just like me! ;)  Better yet, the opportunity to build priceless relationships with so many wonderful people is why I could never stop.  I also have a fashion design degree and make custom clothing and costumes.  Being a stylist and designer go hand in hand so "seamlessly" (haha, see what I did there?).  For me, both skills are built on a lifetime of art; exploring shape, color, texture and the human form.    

    In my personal time I'm usually enjoying play time with my people, or more importantly, my pets.  Chances are also good you will find me on a pool table somewhere or playing games with friends.  At varying degrees, I have been a Tribal Fusion Belly dancer for over 15 years. As often as I can, I love to travel for retreats and workshops, taking time for my self, my body and to see the world.   I'm a total science and nature geek, and direct a lot of my intentions towards personal wellness and growth, as well as consciously existing. 


    My personal style is fairly relaxed and easy going.  Although I love the art of creative self expression, I reserve being heavily done up for performances and special occasions.  For being a stylist and designer, I suppose I'm a little against the grain.  I'm more of a beauty industry renegade, helping to dismiss all the messages that say "we're not enough."   I'm here to show my clients what all the tutorials don't, the simple real life shit that anyone can do.  I bring artistry, intuition, and support so you can feel more confident.  In addition to providing killer services, my goal is to create an experience and a space that offers you ease, support, humor and inspiration.  Full disclosure, I have an active sense of humor and a potty mouth, so I hope you like a laid back laugh.


I can't wait to get to know YOU more.  So click on the "booking" tab above and

lets get this hairapy party started!

request a free virtual consult here!!


From the veil to the train, and then some, don't say "I do" until you give me a ring!


From custom clothing and costumes to unique apparel, click here to contact me about my design work.

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