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self expression

I would love to help you find joy and ease in looking and feeling your best.

My approach is a down to earth and intuitive way of defining your own authentic style.  By sharing tips, tools and techniques, 1 on 1 with you, we cultivate an easy & realistic approach that you can feel comfortable with.  Not only will you notice a difference in how the world responds to you, but you will have a new found sense of appreciation and love for yourself.

Take a look at my options below, or contact me for a free consult. 

In salon lessons

If you are in the San Diego area, I invite you to join me in the salon for some hands on, teach ya all the tricks time.  We can focus on hair styling or make up, or both!  Let's make your favorite looks fully accessible to you!


Hands on hourly support 


I am currently cultivating a new online mentorship program.  Think of it as getting the personalized, one on one support that you see in a make over show, just in a way more accessible and realistic way.  Check back in soon for the launch or contact me to get on the waiting list.


Online Coaching Packages

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